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Restoring Revenue Sharing

Since 2002, the state legislature has cut revenue sharing to local units of government by $7.5 billion. In the 92nd district alone, that figure is more than $32 million, and the City of Muskegon has lost the most – half of that, $16 million. Muskegon Heights has lost $6.3 million and Muskegon Township nearly $5.8 million. The state has diverted these dollars that used to come to our local governments to fund operations and services. They have diverted them into the state budget to replace revenue lost during the Great Recession and due to Governor Snyder’s elimination of the business taxes. Leadership in Lansing has to be about more than just cutting funding – it has to include comprehensive economic partnerships with our counties and cities to make our state stronger. Once elected, Terry will work to restore and maintain revenue sharing to our local governments which will mean no cuts to essential services.

Investing in Economic Development and Infrastructure

Having helped lead the revitalization of the Port of Muskegon, Terry sees the economic development opportunities forthcoming and wants to make sure that the State of Michigan is paying attention and ready to help. As a former Road Commissioner, Terry understands that the strength of a community is only as strong as its infrastructure. Terry also believes that Muskegon is ripe with economic development opportunities with our business parks and our County Wastewater Facility. It is the combination of these common sense economic development opportunities in conjunction with his deeply held belief about the importance of infrastructure that will lead Muskegon and Michigan to a vibrant economic future.

Serving Muskegon County Veterans

Our veterans are coming back home to a society that is much different than what they have seen and experienced overseas. As a veteran himself, Terry was a proud member of the Muskegon County Veteran's Advisory Board.  It is there that he helps coordinate many of the services to help our Veterans here in Muskegon County. They have also coordinated with the Muskegon Northside Lions Club in the restoration of the Veterans Memorial Park. 

Promoting Environmental Sustainability

As a lifelong Michigan resident, Terry appreciates the natural beauty of our great state. Consequently, protecting our environment and our lakes are of utmost importance. Three of Terry’s priorities are banning horizontal fracking, reducing the reliance on plastic grocery bags that litter our environment, and expanding the bottle/can return law to reduce waste.

Standing up for Minorities

Representing a diverse district, it is important that no voice is a minority. Terry supports legislation focusing on the tough issues facing our inner cities. We need to work on eliminating the systematic structural inequities between different demographic groups by working on legislation to increase school funding for priority schools, reforming our state prison system, and working to eliminate urban blight.

Strengthening our Families

Families are the cornerstone of every successful community. As a result, we must work to strengthen our families. Terry supports paid parental leave for both mother and father. All families must be strong; this includes making sure that lesbian and gay couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples. Part of building successful families is providing access to comprehensive family planning services including a women’s right to choose. Terry's family is the greatest thing that has ever happened to him and he hopes to make that the case to as many Michigan families as possible.



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