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Hi, I’m Terry Sabo

Over the past three and a half years, I have had the distinct honor of representing our hometown in Lansing as State Representative. In these divisive times, I have done my best to put aside the partisan bickering and instead focus on the issues impacting our Muskegon community.

Serving as your State Representative, I have worked tirelessly to protect working families and our state’s middle class by promoting policies that make the 92nd House District — and our state — a place that welcomes and works for all. Since first being elected to the County Commission in 2012, and during my time in Lansing, my priority has been building relationships to make sure that government works for you.

The current agenda in Lansing is doing a disservice to a large majority of Michigan residents. Increasing taxes on middle class families, taxing retirement income, neglecting our roads and infrastructure, attacking workers’ rights, and stripping much needed funding from our local municipalities. Put simply this is the wrong way to govern. As State Representative, I pledge to do everything I can to turn Michigan around. I have stood up for the working and middle class values that the residents of the 92nd district expect from their elected officials and I will continue to do so.

Although we have made many strides in these first two terms, there is much more to be done. In that spirit, I hope to count on your continued support for my re-election to continue building a better Muskegon for our families and future generations. Please remember to vote on November 3rd.

I’m proud of the work we’ve done together, but we’re just getting started.